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Why Do I Always Have Bad Breath?

Posted on 8/15/2016 by Allan Hablutzel
A woman suffering from severe bad breath.If you are like most people, you worry about your breath. Engaging with those around you can be very stressful when you are constantly worrying if they are thinking about the odor coming from your mouth.

Many choose to keep gum and mints on hand, but maybe you want to figure out how to stop it. Bad breath is caused by bacteria, this may be bacteria that you came into contact with that day, or it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

Is Your Bad Breath Temporary?

Temporary bad breath is exactly what mint and gum is designed to combat. From normal daily consumption of various foods, including coffee, onions, or many other foods, we can suffer a case of temporary bad breath. Mint and gum can freshen our breath and help us hide the smells from normal use throughout our day.

Does It Seem Like You Always Have Bad Breath?

There are a variety of reasons a patient may suffer from constant bad breath. All of these reasons are a result of odor causing bacteria settled somewhere and allowed to fester. To remove bad breath, we need to remove the bacteria. Some of the common places that bacteria can be found include:

•  Food that is stuck between your teeth or in grooves of your teeth.
•  Plaque that is resting on your teeth and then hardened into a calculus or tartar that is not easily removed without the help of a hygienist.
•  Calculus that has extended below the gum line, irritating your gums and causing a bacterial infection known as gum disease.
•  A condition known as tonsil stones, where plaque particles have settled into pockets in your throat area, hardened and remain.
•  An infection in your GI tract including reflux or ulcers, releasing an odor with the release of excess gas.

These reasons can be remedied with the help of your dentist or doctor. No one wants to display a constant embarrassing smell, we can help.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your bad breath.
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