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Dentures Bremerton WA

Dental Dentures in Bremerton, WADentures are a commonly used dental appliance in older patients. We various styles of dentures, including partial, full, and Implant retained. Partial dentures can increase your comfort replacing multiple missing teeth, and full dentures provide a function when all of the remaining natural teeth are missing or no longer healthy. At Pacific Ave. Dental, our team, along with Dr. Hablutzel, want to see you look and feel healthy, and that begins with healthy teeth. When your own natural teeth are no longer an option, we can help then too by providing the right restoration for you and your needs.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a removable appliance that are customized to you. Patients are able to use this appliance to fill in false teeth in the missing spots where teeth are needed. Partial dentures are generally held in place using metal clasps though there are other connectors available that provides a more natural look.

What to expect wearing partials:
At first, your new partial denture will feel awkward, most patients describe it as bulky. This is normal, with time, use and practice, you will become accustomed to it. Patients will initially want to practice both inserting and removing their partial denture, it will take some time to get it. Your partial denture should be able to fit with ease, do not force the denture appliance into place. Forcing the denture can cause damage, warping, or breakage. Initially, Dr. Hablutzel may ask you to wear your partial denture all the time. This is to help you adjust and increase your comfort, it also helps you to notice any errors or identify spots that require adjustment by Dr. Hablutzel. If the appliance places too much pressure on a particular area, it can lead to a sore spot, we can make adjustments and reduce problem areas.

Learning to eat and speak with your partial denture can take time. Try practicing your speech by reading aloud, and start with only small soft bites of food. Avoid foods that are sticky or crunchy and be sure to chew with both sides of your mouth.

Full Dentures

When the patient no longer has any remaining healthy teeth, a full denture can restore your ability to chew foods, restore your ability to engage in conversation, and improve your look. Like partial dentures, full dentures will require a time of adjustment. Full dentures are a dramatic change for most patients. They can often be uncomfortable and difficult to learn how to properly use. There are steps that you can take to ease that adjustment.

Implant Retained Dentures

The bests solution for having comfortable dentures is with implant retained dentures. We are able to place 4-6 dental implants to attach your denture to, allowing it to be removeable for cleaning, or even permanently place your denture using the All on 4 Treatment Concept, securing your denture in place with implants. Implant retained dentures mean that your denture device will never shift, never come loose, and allow you to comfortably eat the foods that you love. Patients find that they feel more comfortable in social settings, and happier with their ability to chew and speak having Implant retained dentures.

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